Macy’s, an iconic department store in the United States, focus on expanding its brand influence among international students in the United States. To make Macy’s more than a shopping destination, make it become an indispensable part of Chinese students’ stay in the United States. In 2017, Macy’s held a two-week “My Full Score Dormitory” campaign as a Back to School event for students. 


  International students are important potential customers of the brand and can be reached directly through student organizations, community opinion leaders and social network KOL, WBC worked on the subscription articles on the Weibo and Wechat platform. 

In the process of selecting opinion leaders, 

WeBridge invited famous KOL, teacher, famous video expert Jessica Baijie, who has a lot of fans on Youku and Weibo platforms. Also, WBC built up a 360-degree channel promotion strategy that includes influential opinion leader official accounts: the Dealmoon and the College Daily, and more than 20 universities‘ Chinese student organizations in the United States.